Going Live with Others

Broadcast Live discussions with multiple presenters directly from Workplace.

Live video with multiple hosts allows you to broadcast anything from virtual Town Halls to live training - all directly from Workplace. Invite up to 50 people, share your screen, host a Q&A, track views and engagement on your broadcasts and more. No need for expensive production equipment or integrations with other video call providers.

How to do it in Workplace

Set up your broadcastSet up your broadcast

Note: You can only set up a Live broadcast with multiple hosts on a computer using Chrome as your browser. You won’t be able to set one up using mobile, but you will be able to join a broadcast (set up by someone else) if you’re using the Workplace mobile app (not your mobile browser). These restrictions are temporary and will be resolved as we continue to improve this feature.

  1. Click here to open Live Producer
  2. Give your Live video a name and a short description.
  3. Select whether you’d like to go Live in your timeline or in a group.
  4. Under “Choose How to Broadcast”, select With Others.
  5. Turn on auto-generated captions to ensure your Live video is accessible. After the broadcast is over, you’ll be able to re-generate captions, make edits, or automatically translate captions if needed. Learn more in the Workplace Help Center.
  6. Toggle on Include Q&A if you’d like to gather questions from viewers during your broadcast.
  7. If you’re scheduling your Live video in advance, click on Schedule Video and set the time and date for your broadcast.

Live Producers With Others selected

Join your roomJoin your room

When you selected Multiple Hosts, Workplace automatically created a room for your Live video. Copy the room link in the center of your screen and share it with all other hosts. Live with others supports up to 50 hosts, including people outside of your Workplace. The room will open in a new tab in your browser. You’ll still be able to use Live Producer’s functionality in the previous tab.

Go Live from your roomGo Live from your room

When all participants have joined the room, click on the LIVE button at the bottom of your screen. Everyone in the room will need to agree to go Live before the broadcast can start. You can remove anyone from the room if you don’t get a response.

Monitor questions and commentsMonitor questions and comments

During your Live video, you will be able to view and respond to questions and comments in your room’s side panel. You can also use the Live Producer tab in your browser to share Polls with your audience, or to monitor the health of your Live stream.

Live with multiple hosts screen including a call between 5 individuals and the live comments side panel

End the Live videoEnd the Live video

You can end the Live video by clicking on the LIVE icon at the bottom of your screen at any time during your broadcast. When your Live video ends you will see your Live video summary, outlining video time, viewers, and engagement such as comments and reactions. The Live video will automatically post to your chosen group.

Live video summary detailing runtime viewers, comments, reactions and more.



  • Broadcast panel discussions, virtual events, live training and more - all without leaving Workplace.
  • Enable automatic captioning to ensure your video is accessible for people with hearing impairments.
  • Engage with questions and comments from your viewers during your broadcast.
  • Share your screen so everyone can follow along.
  • Post the Live video in a Group so anyone who misses the broadcast can catch up later.
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Other helpful resources

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