The Culture Carrier Toolkit

Learn how to identify, reward and empower your Culture Carriers to drive cultural change.

Download the Toolkit

Dowloadable employee engagement toolkitDowloadable employee engagement toolkit

Culture Carriers are the people in your work community who embody your company’s culture and put your values into practice. It could be anyone, from the shop floor to the top floor, who has the drive and determination to keep your culture alive.

Culture Carriers are influential, they naturally build strong connections with coworkers and inspire others. For that reason, they can be powerful drivers of cultural change.

You can use this toolkit to start your own Culture Carriers program or build on your existing culture programs.

What's in the Culture Carrier Toolkit?

The Culture Carrier Toolkit contains:

  • 1 PDF guide to help you identify, celebrate and empower your Culture Carriers through Workplace.
  • 5 PNG badges to use as custom badges in the Badges section of the Admin Panel.
  • 1 campaign explainer GIF and 1 MP4 to use in a Workplace post to kickoff your Culture Carrier Campaign.
  • 5 animated badge GIFs to use as part of your Culture Carrier Campaign.

Culture Carrier Guide

Use this guide as a blueprint for your organization’s Culture Carrier program. It will help you identify your Culture Carriers, reward them, and create a community for sharing best practices and driving employee engagement on Workplace.

Culture Carrier Campaign

The Culture Carrier Campaign is an employee engagement campaign you can use to celebrate your organization’s Culture Carriers in a visual, fun and engaging way. The Culture Carrier Campaign Kit contains 5 custom badges you can award to people for their unique contributions to your company. These badges are named:

  • The Culture Carrier: Someone who embodies your values and helps shape company culture. This is a general badge you can award to anyone.
  • The Optimist: The calming influence who helps you stay positive in tough times.
  • The Cheerleader: The voice of encouragement who always believes in you.
  • The Trailblazer: The pioneer who finds a way through and helps others to follow.
  • The Architect: Someone who always draws up the perfect plan, inside and outside of work.

For the employee engagement campaign, you’ll be using the badges alongside other promotional assets in the kit to celebrate your Culture Carriers publicly. Here’s how the campaign works:

  1. If you don’t already have one, create a company-wide social or discussion group where you’ll be sharing all the posts related to this campaign.
  2. Share the explainer GIF in your group and invite employees to nominate Culture Carriers in the comments, explaining why they were chosen. You might have already identified some Culture Carriers yourself, but this post will help you expand on your selections and get input from the rest of the company. If you’ve already identified some Culture Carriers, make sure to specify that in the post, and let people know that you’re gathering additional nominations.
  3. Each week, award one of your Culture Carriers with one of the badges provided. For guidance on how to create a custom Badge, visit the Help Center.
  4. Then, highlight a different Culture Carrier in your company-wide group using an Achievement Post. You can use a photo of them or one of the badge GIFs provided in the kit. Share a little bit about what makes them a Culture Carrier. If you’re using a specific badge from the kit, share more background on what makes that person a Trailblazer, Optimist, Cheerleader or Architect.

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