The market leaders of enterprise collaboration

With familiar features like Workplace Groups, Chat, and video calling, ISG Consulting has named Workplace a leading provider of social collaboration solutions. Read the ISG assessment of Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Igloo, and find the right enterprise collaboration tool for your organization.

ISG research on the best social business collaboration tools

ISG is a leading consulting company. In 2019, it published a report into the changing nature of social collaboration. Here’s what it said about leaders in this space.

Workplace from Facebook

According to ISG, “Workplace is gaining many major customers and focusing on new use cases like shared workspaces.”
But that’s just the headline. With familiar features like Groups, Chat, Video Calls and Live video broadcasting, millions of employees in companies like Walmart, Nestlé, Spotify, and the World Health Organization are using Workplace to transform how they talk, how they listen, and how they connect at work.

Microsoft Teams

ISG says: “Microsoft is positioning Teams as the face of its enterprise collaboration solution offering with a focus on modern team-based collaboration.” ISG also say that Teams, “still reserves a major use case requirement for its Outlook email system.”


ISG says: “Slack is particularly known for its strong focus on automation and deploying automated agents or bots to help users work more productively.” ISG adds, “Though Slack is targeting large enterprises with its series of acquisitions, integration and partnership announcements, it is still considered to be more fit for the SMB segment.”


ISG says: “Its portfolio includes solutions for key areas like corporate communication, employee engagement, knowledge management and team collaboration” The ISG team adds,”Igloo’s solution has fewer elements of ML and AI usage. Its competitors are extensively deploying services based on these technologies.”

Choosing the right social collaboration platform

The benefits of selecting and deploying the right social collaboration tool in your business can be enormous.

Connected companies are closer

Companies that deploy collaboration tools see a 78% increase in the number of employees who feel connected to their business. [1]

Connected teams move faster

Giving people the tools they need to collaborate makes teamwork easier. Indeed, organizations that use collaboration tools can help increase frontline and deskless worker productivity by 20%. [2]

Connected cultures are stronger

86% of HR professionals agree that social collaboration can help improve company culture, driving increased recognition, better retention and happier work environments. [3]

Social collaboration platforms to keep on your radar

Along with market leaders, ISG highlights some other providers of social business collaboration tools. Here are some of them.


Microsoft bought Yammer in 2012 and it is now included for free in Microsoft 365. One of the main use cases for Yammer is for company-wide communication [4] although your organization will need a Microsoft subscription to use it.

Dynamic Signal

Dynamic Signal is a platform that lets large businesses send out message-based communications to employees and partners. It’s a product that’s less about collaboration and conversation, and more about top-down broadcasts to employees. [5]


Zoom provides modern enterprise video communications using a cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars. Commentators note that Zoom adoption grows inside and outside of companies as people video conference across companies. [6]

Skype for business

A communication tool built by Microsoft for businesses to connect using chat, online meetings, and calling. According to Microsoft’s website, Teams now replaces Skype for Business Online as Microsoft’s professional online meeting solution. [7]
  • Chevron is making communication less siloed

    "Workplace gives each employee a voice to the very center of the corporation and to other business units as well."
    Rachel Setton, Manager, Employee Engagement & Communications, Chevron
  • AstraZeneca's leadership is more visible than ever

    "Our executives are much more effective in their communications because they’re much more visible on Workplace."
    Roeland van der Heiden, Digital Director, Global Corporate Affairs, AstraZeneca
  • Mercado Libre employees send fewer emails

    "Workplace has played a vital role in engaging disenfranchised staff who previously felt that their opinion wasn’t valued.
    Sebastián Fernández Silva, VP Human Resources, Mercado Libre
  • Healthe Care Australia is building a more open culture

    "Our executives are much more effective in their communications because they’re much more visible on Workplace."
    Jennifer McNamara, Director of Clinical Services, Healthe Care Australia