Sunsetting Workplace Essential

by Karandeep Anand

Our free plan, Workplace Essential, will cease to be available from February 10, 2021

Since launching in 2016, Workplace has brought the power of community to millions of people in organizations around the world. We’ve helped businesses drive increases in productivity and engagement, as well as employee sentiment and retention. Because when people feel better at work, it’s not just good for culture - it’s a competitive advantage.

Delivering on this vision requires focus and prioritization. In order to maintain the high quality product experience people expect from Workplace, we have decided to retire our free plan, Workplace Essential, from February 10, 2021.

Making the transition

We know that many companies rely on Workplace Essential to talk and work together every day. We’ll help these users keep their access to Workplace by upgrading to a paid plan where they will be able to unlock advanced features such as Insights and single sign-on (SSO), as well as access to live chat support.

In the last couple of months we’ve also released new features to meet the challenges of virtual collaboration, such as Knowledge Library and Live Producer to help people discover information, work together and communicate authentically. But this is just the beginning.

We’ve got big plans for 2021. As businesses continue to evolve to new working practices and hybrid workforces we’ll be doubling down on productivity and collaboration, as well as expanding our reach in our current areas of strength. Next year you’ll see us focus on remote presence, employee wellbeing, Live video and empowering SMBs to connect their organizations.

Should any Essential customers choose not to continue using Workplace, we’ll help system admins download their Workplace data. We hope that for those customers other Facebook services like Groups and WhatsApp will enable them to continue to work collaboratively using Facebook.

What’s next?

The world of work is changing at a rapid pace and we’re committed to helping businesses navigate these challenging times. This change will enable us to introduce new features designed for a new world of work. Whatever the future holds, our focus remains the same: To make sure every employee is equally connected, informed, empowered and productive wherever they work and whatever they do.

Please visit the Help Center to learn more about our Workplace paid plans or for information on how to help your admins download users' Workplace data.

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